Insert concrete vibrator safety rules 1. Plug-in vibrator motor supply, install leakage protection device, ground or zero should be safe and reliable. 2. The operator of electricity should be subject to education, jobs should wear insulated shoes and wear insulated gloves. 3. The operation of the cable should meet the required length. vibratory motor for concrete vibrating table Cable line can not heap pressure items or allow the vehicle to squeeze, drag or non-electric cables hanging vibrator. 4. Before use, check and make sure all parts are securely connected, the rotational direction is correct. 5. Insert concrete vibrator vibration test shall be carried out on the concrete floor, scaffolding and the initial setting of hard, dry ground. In the maintenance or operation interrupted, disconnect the power supply. 6. job, bending radius vibrator hose not less than 500mm, and not more than two bends, the operation should be perpendicular to sink into concrete rods can not be forced hard plug, let reinforced grip bench presses or the head nor fully inserted into the concrete, the insertion depth should not exceed 3/4 of rod length should not touch the steel, the core tube and embedded parts. 7. vibrator hose may not appear broken, when the length of the hose used for a long time to make growth, should be repaired or replaced. 8. vibrators should be kept clean, not a concrete bond hinder heat dissipation in the motor housing. 9. Stop the job required moving vibrator, you should shut down the motor, zn type china made electric concrete vibrator and then cut off the power supply. Not use a hose or cable drag motor. 10. The operation is completed, should be the motor, hoses, vibrator clean, and should be required to carry out maintenance work requirements. When the vibrator is stored can not heap pressure hose should be straight away, and moisture-proof measures taken to deal with the motor. Concrete vibrator Safety Precautions 1, the operator should be strictly in accordance with the rules of safe use of electricity to operate, comply with the relevant provisions of safe use of electricity, with the necessary electrical safety protection tools. 2, the connection cable should maintain a certain degree of relaxation, so as not to pull off the cable, causing a short circuit or open circuit failure, resulting in damage to the vibrator. 3, electrical engineering technician troubleshooting maintenance, disconnect the power supply 20 minutes, so that the internal circuit inverter is fully discharged, then the maintenance operations to prevent electric shock. 4, when needed megger concrete vibrator or wiring insulation, control the operation of the cabinet must be disconnected from the line after the operation. 5, high frequency vibrator concrete track slab intermittent functioning of the concrete mold vibrator working system, each run time not too long. Actual use generally in compacting effect can achieve between 1-3 minutes, and concrete vibrators long run, it will result in concrete vibrator motor insulation damage.